Something “a little bit different”.

Alongside the new Zonal Pelargoniums(Geraniums) we introduced to you last month we have 3 new varieties this year that are “a little bit different”.

‘Chocolate Girl’ is new to our variegated leaf Pelargonium range.  She has rich dark almost chocolate coloured leaves with a green edge to them.  As the sun gets stronger and the daylight hours increase the leaves become darker and darker, contrasting beautifully with it’s cherry cola flowers. It is a strong growing variety and will make up into a big plant very quickly.

chocolate girl

Two-in-One Peach is a cross between an Ivy Pelargonium and a Zonal Pelargonium.   This cross makes excellent ground cover, as it has a bushy well branched growth habit. With it’s single flowers it is excellently weather resistance and low maintenance. It’s pretty peach flowers are really eye catching.

twoinone peach

Cassiopeia is another cross between an Ivy Leaf Pelargonium and a Zonal Pelargonium. This variety however produces a more compact and bushy plant.  With semi double deep red flowers it produces’ a striking display in pots and borders alike.


September Jobs in the Garden

Many Agapanthus will be still in flower this month so keep on top of your

liquid feeding with a good high potash feed such as “Geranium Elixir”

which is used here on the nursery. Cut off any flowering stems that have

“gone over” to stop them trying to form seeds and thus waste their

energy. The Agapanthus that have now come to the end of their flowering time

still need feeding this month. What you do with your Agapanthus this year

affects their flowering availability next year, so keep up their food intake to

prep them for next summer.


Continue to dead head & liquid feed your Pelargoniums to keep them

flowering for you that goes for your Penstemons too, which will often flower

well into October.


Most Heucheras will have finished flowering by now so go through them and

cut back the flowering stems to leave a lovely bushy mound of foliage for your

borders or pots, it really does freshen up the look of the plants. I love the

fact that Heucheras keep their foliage all year round, as they create much

needed structure in the borders throughout the winter months.

Beautiful Regal Pelargoniums

Beautiful Regal Pelargonium Aristo Petticoat.  Breed by Elsner Pac from Dresden in Germany. Their range of Aristo Regals are outstanding, they have produced compact plants, which flower beautifully from spring although the summer.

So very pretty, keep them well feed with a high potash feed like our “Geranium Elixir” we sell here at Cramden Nursery or a tomato feed to promote the bud production.

Aristo Petticoat


Beautiful Lady Lovesong, Regal Pelargonium

Beautiful ‘Lady Lovesong’ in flower here at Cramden Nursery, brightening up a grey April morning. Lady Lovesong is a Regal Pelargonium.  Regal Pelargoniums are the “show offs” of the Pelargonium family, they have fantasic flowers that come in a wide range of colours.  Keep them well feed with a good high potash liquid feed to stimulate bud production to keep those fantastic flowers coming.

lady lovesong

Pretty summer flowering Calibrachoa

Our Calibrachoa (also known as million Bells) here at Cramden Nursery have started flowering.  They are like a tiny petunia on steroids! They grow & flower at an amazing rate. They will flower all summer long for you, as long as you keep up with regular watering & feeding to fuel their constant flower production. Plant them out in baskets and tall pots  in a sunny position and enjoy.  This year we are growing 3 varieties from the “Celebration” range ‘Banana’ a wow of a yellow flower, ‘Indigo’ a beautiful soft purple and ‘Purple Rain’ that is actually pink!.



Time to serve up dinner for your Pelargoniums.

Pelargoniums really appreciate a good meal just like we do.But they are not looking for meat and 2 veg rather a good dose of potash (potassium). At this time of year what they are looking for is a liquid feed with a high potash content. This will stimulate bud production. Regular feeding will reward you with summer long flowers. “Once a week is good, twice a week is BETTER”

Here at Cramden Nursery we have bottled up our very own liquid feed, “Geranium Elixir”.  This is what we use here on the nursery to get our great results.