Holiday Time is here. but how will your plants survive with out you?

Holiday time is here and it is great to get away for a break, but how will your plants cope with out you?


It is always difficult to decide what to do about watering while you are away, do you or don’t you ask a neighbour or family to look after your beautiful pots? If it is hot when you are away will they have to be round watering every day for you? Is that too much to ask?


Here are a few helpful tips for you to think of before you get away for your well earned break:


You can help to reduce the need for watering by moving your pots where possible into a shadier place in the garden, just while you are away.


Clump your pots together so it will be easier for your watering team to water them all together and not to miss any out.


Bring your hanging baskets down to ground level, not only are they easier to water, they won’t dry out so much as they won’t have all that warm air circulating around them.


To ensure your plants are looking beautiful for your home coming not only dead head your flowers before you leave but take off most of the flowers too, by the time you come home all those buds will be bursting into flower for you and not a dead head in sight.


Attar of Roses

Attar of roses, has a rose scented foliage and is part of our range of scented leaf Pelargoniums we grow at Cramden Nursery.  It is one of the most popular varieties we grow and is often used on gardening programes or in gardening magazines when they are introducing the wonderful world of the Scented Pelargoniums.

Attar of Roses

Pelargonium sidoides

Pelargonium sidoides is one of Monty Dons favourite Pelargoniums.  It is always very popular at Cramden Nursery too with our customers and staff alike.

Beautiful, rich, small, single flowers of deepest plum held above gun metal rounded glaucous leaves, with a slight peppery scent to them. Makes a stunning display in a pot.