Pots & scented leaf Pelargoniums

Adding scents to your pots.

How about adding some Scented leaf Pelargoniums to your pots to add another dimension to your planting scheme. There are a wonderful selection of scents to choose from. How about a zesty orange scent of “Orange Fizz”, or a fresh citrus scent of “Citronella”. The traditional rose Geraniums scent of “Attar of Roses” is always very popular. Then there is “Big Apple”, “Creamy Nutmeg” and “Ardwick Cinnamon” for those foodies amongst you, although you can not eat them they will make your taste buds water from their scents alone.

This combination will look beautiful and smell divine. Place you scented mixed pots outside your front door so as you come in after work each day & brush past them they welcome you home with their delicious aroma.

orange fizz

Pretty Flowers of Orange Fizz, love this zesty orange scent.

Pots for the patio

Pots for the patio.

Plant pots are an effective way of brightening up any patio. Or when placed either side of your front door they can welcome you home at the end of the day. Fill them with Pelargoniums (aka Geraniums) and they will bring that summertime feel to any home.

When planning your pots don’t just think about the colour combination, how about adding height and scent too?

A tall specimen plant in the centre or towards the rear of the pot will make a great feature.

Here at Cramden nursery we grow Antik Pelargoniums (aka climbing geraniums), these tall growing varieties make up into impressive plants very quickly. They will need garden canes for support and will make a great focal point for your pot.

Why not plant Ivy leaf trailing Pelargoniums around the edge of the pot? They will tumble over the sides and soften the look of your planter.

Finaly time to get out into the garden.

Lawns have been mowed and weeds have been pulled so it is now time to think about the pots on the patio. This is where we start planning a bit of colour addition to the borders & pots in our gardens.

One of the most popular summer bedding plants are Zonal Pelargoniums, you may know them as geraniums. With their bright colourful blooms that will be produced all summer long and well into the autumn you can understand why they are one of gardener’s favourites, for summer colour

Here at Cramden Nursery we grow over 20,000 Zonal Pelargoniums each year, with 25 different varieties to choose from, you are bound to find the right colour combination for your garden.

Flower Fairy White splash

This is our favourite variety of Zonal Pelargonium here on the nursery with customers and staff alike. Flower fairy White Splash.