Have you tucked up your Agapanthus for the winter yet?

If you are anything like me, you have managed to put off the cold weather preparation for some of your plants. Until now we have left out Agapanthus outside in their pots but it is now the time to bring them in so they are kept away from the worst of the winter weather.

If you have Evergreen Agapanthus in pots in your garden they would ideally liked to be brought in to a green house or conservatory, neither have to be heated. If this is not possible move their pots closer to the house so they can make the most of the residue heat from your central heating system.

If they are planted in the ground, and so are unable to be moved to help them through the winter, you can create a wind break around them to create a little micro climate. This should protect them from the worst of the elements, you can also add straw to the top of them when the temperatures really drop. However, you have to remember to remove this once the warmer weather comes or else it may rot the foliage.

Watch our Youtube video to see how this is done: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPgfayLfBy4

Deciduous types planted in the ground would benefit from cutting back of all their foliage( that will have started to turn yellow), a mulch of straw can also be applied to give them that extra layer of warmth, ensure it is removed in the spring when the new growth will be getting ready to grow.

Evergreen wintercare

Here you can see a wind break for Evergreen Winter care of Agapanthus. Simple yet effective.