Beautiful Regal Pelargoniums

Beautiful Regal Pelargonium Aristo Petticoat.  Breed by Elsner Pac from Dresden in Germany. Their range of Aristo Regals are outstanding, they have produced compact plants, which flower beautifully from spring although the summer.

So very pretty, keep them well feed with a high potash feed like our “Geranium Elixir” we sell here at Cramden Nursery or a tomato feed to promote the bud production.

Aristo Petticoat


Something New “Sally” an Ivy leaf Pelargonium

Here at Cramden Nursery we are very pleased with our new girl “Sally”, she is an Ivy Leaf trailing Pelargonium. Such a deep rich red this picture really does not do her justice. She looks beautiful in a hanging basket or tall pot.