Beautiful Lady Lovesong, Regal Pelargonium

Beautiful ‘Lady Lovesong’ in flower here at Cramden Nursery, brightening up a grey April morning. Lady Lovesong is a Regal Pelargonium.  Regal Pelargoniums are the “show offs” of the Pelargonium family, they have fantasic flowers that come in a wide range of colours.  Keep them well feed with a good high potash liquid feed to stimulate bud production to keep those fantastic flowers coming.

lady lovesong

Pretty summer flowering Calibrachoa

Our Calibrachoa (also known as million Bells) here at Cramden Nursery have started flowering.  They are like a tiny petunia on steroids! They grow & flower at an amazing rate. They will flower all summer long for you, as long as you keep up with regular watering & feeding to fuel their constant flower production. Plant them out in baskets and tall pots  in a sunny position and enjoy.  This year we are growing 3 varieties from the “Celebration” range ‘Banana’ a wow of a yellow flower, ‘Indigo’ a beautiful soft purple and ‘Purple Rain’ that is actually pink!.