Time to serve up dinner for your Pelargoniums.

Pelargoniums really appreciate a good meal just like we do.But they are not looking for meat and 2 veg rather a good dose of potash (potassium). At this time of year what they are looking for is a liquid feed with a high potash content. This will stimulate bud production. Regular feeding will reward you with summer long flowers. “Once a week is good, twice a week is BETTER”

Here at Cramden Nursery we have bottled up our very own liquid feed, “Geranium Elixir”.  This is what we use here on the nursery to get our great results.


Geranium Maderence

It’s a no show this year for flowers on our Geranium Maderence. The plant is in it’s second year so should be flowering by now. The low light levels in late winter and spring (if we could call it a spring!) means the plant has not been able to produce flowers this year. We shall have to wait till next year. All good things come to those who wait.

Geranium Maderence