Garvinea young plants

Garvinea young plants are produced through micro propagation in a lab just like Gerberas.  From small beginnings they grow into beautiful robust plants.  Here at Cramden Nursery we buy them in as rooted cuttings.  They are rooted in to a 4cm plug which is what we receive from Florist in The Netherlands. We pot them on into 2 Litre pots and let them grow. Here you can see one of the rooted cuttings that came in last week, with lovely healthy roots and a good head of foliage.

Species Pelargoniums are addictive

Species Pelargoniums are addictive! Honestly it is true you start with just one pretty one and before you know it you have a collection of different and unusual Specie Pelargoniums. This is Pelargonium echinatum, beautiful large white single flowers with a red marking on each petal. It has unusual spikes on it’s stems instead of stipules. A real collectors plant. And it flowers happily although the winter if kept warm indoors with plenty of natural light.