What is a Heuchera?

What is a Heuchera? (pronounced HUE-kerr-uh)

Heuchera is a genus of about 55 species of evergreen and semi-evergreen perennials from woodland and rocky sites in North America, particularly the Rocky Mountains, and a few species from Mexico.Very attractive to bees, hardy and easy to grow.

There should be room for a Heuchera in your garden somewhere. The dark leaved verities are happy in full sun and will shine for you there, while the lighter coloured leaved varieties especially the Lime coloured leaves are perfect to brightening up those shady areas, too much sun for these and their leaves will scorch.

If you thought Hostas ruled the shade garden, well…… they might just have been dethroned. This is beautiful “Lime Marmalade” simply fresh, green, & vibrant.


Looking Forward to Garvineas

Garvineas are more than just Gerberas. They are a coulourful range of garden plants. They will flower from early spring until the first frosts for you, providing your garden with generous beautiful summer colour through 3 seasons. The colour ranges from bright reds & pinks to soft  pinks and to vibrant yellows and oranges.  A must have for any garden.  We look forward to our first delivery of young plants before Christmas and growing them into to beautiful plants, watch this space for more Garvinea info.

Tips on Agapanthus winter care

As winter draws closer it is time to think about protecting your Evergreen Agapanthus.

Here at Cramden Nursery we think building a wind break around your plant is a good way of stabilising the plant temperature. You will need 4 bamboo canes placed around your plant and a sheet of plastic to wrap around the canes. A top dressing of straw can be added when the temperatures really drop.